Comment from Drummer Arda Varol

It was sheer luck for me to meet Anatolian cymbals. Four years ago, I got my cymbals stolen from my car. It was the first time such a thing had ever happened to me. After my post on social media, this wonderful company received me with open arms. In fact, this was how me met. However, a lot has changed. I'm so glad we met, otherwise maybe I wouldn't know these beautiful hand-made cymbals.The people from the company treat you as family. They have the best quality handmade cymbals and they have a say in this industry worldwide.They've made all my wishes and dreams come true. I've found the sound, tone and strength I wanted when playing thanks to Anatolian. I've used all cymbal brands but Anatolian is way more different. With the range of cymbals suitable for everyone and every style, Anatolian is my favorite brand!

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