On 19th January 2020, Malaysia's Anatolian Ambassador, Diosdado Soliano Guerzo, organised and hosted a very special Jam Session night featuring various Anatolian Cymbals. The jam session night was organised in celebration of his new appointment as the Malaysian ambassador and it was held at one of KL's most famous and neighbourhood friendly bar, Tom, Dick And Harry's (TDH).
The weekly jam session hosted by the 9 Lives Band comprising of Daniel Soliano Guerzo, Joy Victor, Jude Macson Bensing and Tony David, at TDH is the hottest place to be every Sunday night and has attracted many well-known and talented musicians to come and jam and share their music such as Alex hutchings, Jamie Wilson, Nathaniel Townsley and many more! As such, it was the perfect venue and event to introduce the Anatolian brand to the who's who of the Malaysian Music Industry.
The event was indeed a successful night with musicians/drummers such as John Thomas, Arthur Kam, Tony David, and many more trying their hand at the cymbals and being blown away by the versatility of the cymbals! This is only the beginning of the Anatolian journey with Diosdado Soliano Guerzo in Malaysia and we can definitely expect more exciting updates in the future!

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