Emotion Series played by Alistair Deverick

Alistair Deverick's music career has already seen him tour the United States twice, now the Kingsland drummer is set for the Red Bull Music Academy in Spain.

Mr Deverick, 25, is a drumming teacher by day and a session player by night.

Last year he spent eight months drumming around the US and Europe with indie/pop band The Ruby Suns.

In October Mr Deverick will join international musicians in Madrid for The Red Bull Music Academy.

Every year hopefuls apply for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend workshops of lectures and recording sessions.

This year musicians from 96 countries applied and 60 people were chosen – two being Kiwis.

In past years the academy has been held in London, Melbourne and Cape Town.

Grayson Gilmour, a talented instrumentalist from Wellington, also earned a place in the academy.

As a session player, Mr Deverick is hired to play live for various bands but has also started to focus on his solo career.

He applied for the academy with his new material, called Boy Crush.

"One thing I realised when I was away last year with the Ruby Suns is that when you play other people's music, it's not creatively as satisfying as doing something on your own," he says.

In creating his own music, Mr Deverick wants to do everything including writing his own songs.

"I am trying to write some songs which is a new experience for me. I have always been involved in song writing, but I wasn't actually writing the song myself," he says.

He admits he doesn't really know what to expect at the academy but is looking forward to the lectures and to learning how other people make their own music.

"Every day there are two hour lectures from people who they fly in from all around the world, it's really exciting to be able to go and listen to some," he says.

Before joining The Ruby Suns, Mr Deverick was as a member of former hip hop band, The Shades.

After graduating from Auckland University with a degree in jazz drumming, he and some friends started the band.

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